Roman Candles

Arrow Redstar has a massive collection of roman candles fireworks – the perfect addition to any firework display!

Roman candles are some of the most beloved fireworks around the world. These tube fireworks shoot out multiple firework shots over a short period, producing a wonderful array of colours into the night sky.

Available in a range of sizes, we have both small and large roman candles, each one producing a vibrant display of explosions. Roman candles typically produce a different range of shots in a single tube, providing a nice selection of colourful explosions for your next display.

A firm family favourite, our roman candles are the perfect choice for a lowkey firework display. They aren’t too loud, producing a much calmer display that is especially popular amongst children.

Of course, roman candles are also a staple for larger firework displays too. No firework celebration is complete without a few roman candle displays, so our collection of products caters to all types of celebrations.

Our smaller roman candle packs offer a few shots per firework, producing a pleasant display for an affordable price. If you want a much bigger display, then our larger roman candles are a great choice, producing dozens of colourful shots.

For the best roman candle fireworks, look no further than Arrow Redstar!

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