Arrow Redstar has a large selection of affordable fountain fireworks that are perfect for your next big celebration!

Fountains are a classic ground firework, producing a vibrant shower of sparks from the top of firework. This fountain of colours offers a pleasant and laid-back firework display, making fountains especially popular amongst children.

If you want to enjoy quieter fireworks, fountains are also a great choice. These fireworks produce very little sound, with some making the odd whistling sound. However, most fountain fireworks are virtually silent, making them a good choice for quieter displays, such as those with kids or elderly people.

The shape of the fountain typically influences the overall size and power of the fireworks. For example, a cone-shaped fountain produces a more powerful display the longer it burns. There are also combo fountains, which contain lots of smaller tubes, resulting in a wider variety of colours from the fountain of sparks.

The size of the fountain also impacts the duration of the firework. Smaller fountains last for about 20 seconds, while larger fountains can last upwards of one minute!

Simply put, there is a huge range of fountain firework waiting for you to explore! Whether you like large and loud displays or something quieter and more relaxed, our range of fountain fireworks have you covered.

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