Arrow Redstar stocks a wide selection of premium-quality barrage fireworks, with over a dozen products to choose from. Choose from a varied range of barrage firework displays, perfect for any occasion, from Bonfire Night to engagement parties to New Years Eve!

Our cake fireworks are available in an array of vibrant colours and displays, producing a wonderful show for your guests. Known for their incredible effects, cake fireworks are a staple of any display.

Often called cake fireworks, barrage fireworks are selection of fireworks in a self-contained box, giving you everything you need to enjoy a vibrant display. Simply light a single fuse and the barrage takes care of the rest, shotting of a variety of colourful fireworks over several minutes.

Barrage fireworks can contain upwards of 20 tubes per container, with larger cake fireworks featuring 100+ shots per box! Tubes produce different colours of fireworks, so a barrage offers one of the most diverse and colourful displays around.

Tubes also vary in size, with thicker tubes producing much larger, more colourful shots! So, it’s easy to find a firework barrage that meets your preferences, whether it’s a few shows for a family display or a massive range of explosions for a big party.

Our fireworks offer fantastic value for money – be sure to check out our collection today!

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